May 6, 2016

Spot Consulting and Technical Coaching

Optimization Spot Consulting

We help in developing and implementing a mathematical programming and optimization applications. The preferred tools are algebraic modeling environments such as GAMS, LINGO®/LINDO™, etc. and a data interface to Microsoft® Office and/or legacy databases.

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Advanced Planning with SAP® APO – Process and Algorithm Coaching

We help in laying out planning processes with the advanced planning modules of SAP® APO and selecting the right planning algorithm for the task. SAP® APO offers a sometimes confusing multitude of different planning methods in SNP as well as in PP/DS. Hence, a project can run significantly more smoothly when customer requirements are mapped to right choice between “Heuristics”, “Optimization”, “Capable-to-Match”, “Multi-level Supply and Demand Matching”, “Genetic Algorithm”, “Constraint Propagation”, etc. Also, project delays can be avoided by mitigating the risk of unrealistic expectations such as sequence-dependent setup operations in connection with MILP-based optimization.

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Scientific Computing – Spot Consulting and Methodology Coaching

We engage in effective spot consulting on mathematical programming, scientific computing, and computational physics. We thrive for the right modeling approach to simulate and optimize reality while keeping the realizable benefit in mind.

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